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Aluno(a) Janaína Nicola
Titulo HISTÓRIAS SOB A HISTÓRIA: um estudo das projeções metafóricas e formas de poder em Emília no País da Gramática
Data 30/10/2012
Resumo The text submetted here is intended to identify, analyze and discuss, in the work of Emília no País da Gramática, Monteiro Lobato, power relations established between the still tense relationship between linguists and grammarians, linguistically and discursively materialized by the metaphorical projection mechanism for the characters on stage (inside and outside), build images, (re) affirm places, crystallize concepts that beyond the academic intellectual sphere, are sprayed throughout society, especially with regard to the teaching of Portuguese language, pre-establishing educational parameters such as NCPs, for example. Thus, the objective is to focus on the post discourses constructed in this work that (un) masking the discursive formations which fight with each other, discursive strategies that are in forms of power and control over the issues on language studies. Therefore, it is not intended here reach the full sense of the speeches (since this project is not yet available to us), but to be embroiled in these games for meaning and purpose in the office caused enunciative, whose production conditions imply strongly about your understanding, revealing the literary project intended or contradiction of this. Methodologically, this research can be classified as literature in relation to the means, and exploratory as for the purposes. We didn’t opt to follow the fieldwork, since the selected object requires a particular inflection analysis, given its length. We cut out to get to the base set, analyzed from the theoretical support of Discourse Analysis of French orientation, with its restatements and changes throughout its constitution. Arrange to the inflection of digging matters and relationships related to studies of language becomes increasingly necessary before a company which, in actuality, progressively holds up the ingenious manipulation of those who know how to use it according with their conveniences. It is even more important because of all these aspects orient the teaching of our language endorsed by governmental apparatus that dictate orders to be followed, and establish criteria for acceptance or rejection of certain guidelines to the point of taking works from the hands of teachers and students like Monteiro Lobato’s works.

Keywords: Linguists. Grammarians. Sense. Power. Metaphor.
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